Welcome to our pages.    

            In our Bible Study group, none of us who were conservative in belief had reason to believe that our English language (King James Version) Old Testament differed in any way from the ORIGINAL Old Testament Hebrew text which had been directly handed down by God.  [To believe in Bible inerrancy IS to believe that that version and the ORIGINAL Old Testament Hebrew text directly handed down by God are one and the same in content!] The same held true for our belief about the New Testament Greek text.  That is, until the advent of computer software which immediately gave us the original - to English translations - Hebrew and Greek texts from whence ALL translations SHOULD come. Placed at our fingertips now were original texts [to our King James and other modern translations] which enabled us - and anyone else in the world - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY to study, learn, compare and test - at lightning speed - the veracity of ALL translations.   
            The reading of the original texts confronted us with the choices of (1) admitting that ALL of the translations from which we studied deviated numerous times from the original texts and, in some instances,  presented many perversions, resulting in the CREATION of doctrines wholly inconsistent with the ORIGINAL Word of God - or  (2) of  avoiding "trouble" by disavowing Truth.   It has been said that "human beings have all sorts of beliefs.  The way in which they arrive at them varies from reasoned argument to blind faith.  Some beliefs are based on personal experience, others on education, and others on indoctrination".  We were too impressed by The Truth to continue to follow untruths.     

            We have discovered that Christians find it incredulous that earnest seekers of truth would question the King James Version of the Bible in any way.  We discover that it is the only version that is considered to be totally inerrant - perfect; that there could not possibly be any errors of translation in the King James Version.  The original text proves this to be a false notion.   

            We hope you find something which will edify your spirits for we have built these pages in the spirit of peace.   

            We seek not to be controversial nor to tear down - but to build.   

            We seek not to espouse a particular denominational theology.   

            We seek to be faithful - not to Bible translations nor to traditions of men - but to the Hebrew and Greek translations (Strong's Concordance) from which we study and from which Bible translations - principally the King James Version - are derived.   They should then agree with the Hebrew and the Greek - but they do not.   

            Our hearts are pure and non-contentious.   

            We seek not to tell you what the scriptures mean, but only what the Hebrew and Greek - from which the scriptures are translated - say.   

            As we have studied through the years, our understanding has been enlightened and our love for the Lord has been immeasurably increased.  We seek to share with others what He has shared with us.   

            Most of all, however, we seek to be faithful to the truth and to let Him speak to us all.   

            We seek not to tell anyone what to believe. That is the work of the Holy Spirit.   

            We share "our food" with those who desire to "eat"; therefore.....   

          Come and dine...
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