Volume 1, Number 1                                                                                                                                                           June 1998





   " WHEN TYPE MEETS TYPE"    THE WONDER OF DIVERSITY: What happens when differing personalities encounter each other in relationship?  


    "A soul friend is someone with whom we can share our greatest joys and deepest fears,  confess our worst sins and most persistent faults, clarify our highest hopes and perhaps                      most unarticulated dreams."                                                   Edward C. Sillner       Our Shadow Side   The Shadow side we push beneath  Is yearning to see light; We tamp it down and hide it,  We think it’s not quite right.   So when we meet that someone  Who has that “type” therein, We shun and think, "inferior"  And want no part of  him.   But when we let that part of us  Come through to light of day, We will find the other guy  Is pretty much okay.   For after all,  God made us  In the image of His Son; ALL the parts are beautiful -  HE LIVES IN EVERYONE.   Reta S. Krause         My Twin and I   My sister [INFP] is my [ESTJ] opposite - We don’t see eye to eye; She thinks a thing is cruel, I think it’s justified.   She says we had a "fight", "Discussion" is my word - And when we give opinions, Neither argument is heard!   She mulls a thing forever - In me, it’s soon forgot; Diverse in all our ways, WE'VE LEARNED TO LAUGH A LOT! Reta S. Krause         My Sis   My sister [INFP] is my opposite [ESTJ]  In temperament and style. While I do lots of laughing,  She has a gentle smile.   My sister, when she’s angry,  Clams up and doesn’t speak. But I do lots of yelling  And tend to stomp my feet!   It’s really quite amazing  How well we get along... I guess when love predominates,  There is no right or wrong!   Reta S. Krause