Introversion - Extroversion

1.  Are you usually 
(a)  a "good mixer", or

(b)  rather quiet and reserved?

9.  When you are with a group of people, would you usually rather
(a)  join in the talk of the group, or
(b)  talk with one person at a time?

2.  In a large group, do you more often
(a)  introduce others, or
(b)  get introduced?
10.  Do you tend to have
(a)  deep friendships with a very few people or
(b)  broad friendships with many different people?

3.  Among your friends, are you
(a)  one of the last to hear what is going on, or
(b)  full of news about everybody?
11.  Do you
(a)  talk easily to almost anyone for as long as you have to, or
(b)  find a lot to say only to certain people or under certain conditions?

4.  Can the new people you meet tell what you are interested in
(a)  right away, or
(b)  only after they really get to know you?
12.  Do you usually
(a)  show your feelings freely, or
(b)  keep your feelings to yourself?

5.  Would you say you
(a)  get more enthusiastic about things than the average person, or
(b)  get less excited about things than the average person?
13.  At parties, do you
(a)  sometimes get bored, or
(b)  always have fun?

6.  When something new starts to be the fashion, are you usually
(a)  one of the first to try it or
(b)  not much interested?
14.  Are you
(a)  easy to get to know, or
(b)  hard to get to know?

7.  When you are in an embarrassing spot, do you usually
(a)  change the subject, or
(b)  turn it into a joke, or
(c)  days later, think of what you should have said?
15.  Do you think the people close to you know how you feel
(a)  about most things, or
(b)  only when you have had some special reason to tell them?

8.  When you are at a party, do you like to
(a)  help get things going, or
(b)  let the others have fun in their own way?


1.  (A)  HEARTY

     (B)  QUIET



2.  (A)  CALM

     (B)  LIVELY 

5.  (A)  SPEAK

     (B)  WRITE


     (B)  DETACHED

6.  (A)  PARTY

     (B)  THEATER