Volume 1, Number 1                                                                                                                                                           June 1998


                INFPs are the true idealists.  Much of their lives can be said to be viewed through  "rose-colored glasses".
"Hope springs eternal" is a good motto which describes their decided philosophy for the rugged places in relationships or the causes to which they commit themselves - for they can pity the most unpitiable and attempt to placate the most tyrannical.
INFPs are deeply caring and entrenched in striving for harmony in all situations, their deeply-held spiritual and core values giving them guidance and lending them sustenance in difficult situations.
INFPs are deeply involved in a rich, inner life which can be holy in content or escapist in reality.  They are also deeply sensitive and - being quite tenderhearted - are quite easy to have their feelings hurt.  They are apt to think whispering and jokes are at their expense, when none such is intended.
Mystical and creative, the INFP's life can also be nearly non-human - ethereal - no matter which side of it they are viewing.  Even as children, they exhibit the ability to "lose themselves" in the fairy tales they read and project themselves into daydreams of lofty grandeur or to have imaginary playmates who are very real to them.  Even their sharing of their experiences have an imaginary air about them.  Unintentionally, they may add what they "felt" to the telling rather than what "really was".
INFPs are quiet, creative, idealistic - and are "true-blue" friends.  Many times it is their unquestioning loyalty that leads relationships in which they are involved to continue - even with those who are not worthy of such freely given devotion.
Generous in spirit, they are able to sustain abuse beyond merit and to invite their generosities to be abused by others for their own advantage - until one day, without warning, they erupt with rage and candor which surprise not only the recipient but the INFPs themselves.
They have the ability to avoid situations that are imminently threatening to their inner peace by withdrawing from the "give-and-take" arena and escaping into an inner world of enjoyment, pleasure and insights.  They are deeply wounded by "man's inhumanity to man" but their gentleness and sensitivities rarely enable them to publicly crusade as their INFJ brethren.
Like their INFJ brethren, the EST world of business is an energy-sapping enterprise for them and they, too, suffer various muscular and emotional maladies which require quiet times replete with inspirational music and meditation to heal their weary spirits.
The "drive to perfection" is a painful side of life for INFPs for whom the Ideal is always just beyond the reach.  Even enjoyable moments are not always spontaneously entered into for fear of having to "lose" the joy or "pay for it" in some unknown, dark and painful way.
The deeply religious INFP has capacity for the mystical side of religion and gains insights not enjoyed by all types into "the deeper things of God".  They can even long for "martyrdom" to "prove" their deep, hidden and rich love for God and the heavenlies.
Conscientious at times to a fault, INFPs are deserving of recognition for the generosity of their caring spirits.  The world is a better place because of their gentle and unassuming natures.
 Fannie R. Linder, M.A.