Volume 1, Number 1                                                                                                                                                           June 1998


Impersonal, outgoing, ORGANIZED, punctual, responsible....well, the whole list above!
A "true-blue" friend who "sticketh closer than a brother"!  is the way a friend would characterize the ESTJ.  Loyal and a defender.  Faithful and responsible.  Friendship and fun.   ESTJs.
ESTJs are natural managers.  They generally rise to management positions and WILL get the job done, with all due diligence and self-motivation...just the way it is wanted.
Well, all these wonderful things have been said...so what's the...er, problem?  Well...it's the "NATURAL manager" bit.  Well...that includes not just things, but people, too.  Well...it also includes their friends.  Good thing they are all those indispensable things above, 'cause they would "fry" your mind otherwise:  "Here, let me take that for you; carry that for you; put that over here for you; put YOU over here for you; watch out for that big puddle; step over that loose board; here, sit here; here, take this; here, here, here.  Did you do.............? "  Do these people think everyone else is "brain-dead"?
Yeh, they really will get the job done.  Need something organized?  Call 'em.  Don't hesitate.  T H E Y  L O V E  I T!!   Organize the office.  Closets for friends.  Files.  Just get out of their way or you'll find yourself...well...filed!  Leave them alone, go have a great day.  When you get back, you'll love it and marvel.  THEY ARE EFFICIENT!
               ESTJs LOVE order, tradition and, rather than undermine authority, they are apt to be the loyal enforcers of an orderly system.  BUT they do like the system to be FAIR.
For they also love JUSTICE.  You'll hear that a lot.  You have got a formidable opponent if you are perceived as being UNFAIR - not just to them but to co-workers, members, or to the institution.   They want - nay, demand - that everyone pull their weight alike.  That's only fair.
                ESTJs  are the backbone of any community.  They are the joiners, seeking to serve.  Belonging is very important to them.  To be "outside the circle" is totally undesirable for ESTJs.  The family circle, church circle...any arena where service is a necessity is where the ESTJ thrives and desires to be.  They are apt to know the family genealogy and take pride in "keeping track" of the new family additions, adding their names and vital statistics to the family heritage that other family members will have records to honour, also.
In any group, they are the "aware" ones, the ones "in-the-know" - for they do not mind telephone interruptions, unannounced visits or unexpected calls for help.  Curious by nature [some would say "nosy-by-nature"], they love to know who, what, why, where.  They might be able to "organize", er, help.  Seriously, they will be the ones called upon when a major organization effort is needed and when a responsible, self-motivated person is absolutely required.
Recognition is important as it means that they "have delivered".  They WANT to deliver and they want to know that they have served well.
They have great sense of humour, loving the "pratfall" joke, the "quick quip", the non-subtle - as they don't "get" the abstract.  Reality, reality, reality...even in joking.  They like "people" jokes - real things, real stuff.
They talk out loud to think.  No comment.  Upon further consideration, this much must be said:  cut them some slack as you are listening to them; the first comments you hear will not be their "best shot" as they are working things out by talking.  It just takes a while to "get there",  is all.   They may sound a little "dense" at first.  Hopefully, that will not be the FINAL result.  They really are as bright as the rest of the types.  Just takes time to "get there", is all.
They are able to make quick decisions [some would call it "jumping to conclusions"] - not always correctly as they can take the first two points of a five point presentation and create a scenario from which they will IMMEDIATELY begin to conclude and to bring to pass that which they have ASSUMED was the thrust of the whole thing!  It will take a lot of "talking through" to get them to see that they "jumped too soon" again - because they don't like to admit they made a mistake very readily [if at all!]  They are apt to try to justify their position - it hurts too much to say "I goofed" [ you will be ever so LUCKY if you hear THAT spontaneously said by an ESTJ!].  FAILED is the way it reverberates through THEIR brains and they, perhaps more than other types, like to be RIGHT and can become quite depressed if they feel they are responsible for some disarray or major failure.
ESTJs are quite principled people, no-nonsense about rules and expected behaviour by those who are expected to know better.  SHOULD...SHOULD...SHOULD is engraved upon their psyche and  is a mandate for their daily life.
Honour and dignity mean a lot to them and they count openness and honesty to be virtues which should be lived spontaneously and readily, even if costly.  ESTJs can "bite the bullet", "suck it up" and move on when "the hard thing" needs to be done.  Remember that they are impersonal in approach, even the interpersonal.  This does not mean "the milk of human kindness" does not flow through their veins.  It is only that feelings are not important to them.  Thinking is and past experience guides them so that they are always ready to act according to lessons already learned - not according to emotional responses.
If they are convinced you are right, you have a faithful ally and a fighter who is absolutely willing to stand up and be counted...without concern for what others think.  "It's the right thing to do."  Amen.
Fannie R. Linder, M.A.