Volume 1, Number 1                                                                                                                                                           June 1998



"If I can't be in charge, why 'play'?"  This is vintage ENTJ, who are natural "generals" and, in that they are outgoing, assertive, logical and decisive, the foregoing statement may  be stated aloud (with a CAPITAL A),  with or without tact.

The ENTJ cannot NOT lead and do not find their time well spent if they cannot do so.    So get over it.  If you must work with (gently put!) the ENTJ, you need to prepare to interact with (gently put!  Some would say "yield") and prepare for blunt (gently put!  Some would say "bombastic"!) language.  This is not to say that ALL ENTJs are unequivocally blunt.  Some do speak with tactfulness and charm.  Still, prepare for bold truth as they perceive it to be.  To oppose them is to risk cold, methodical debate or censure...publicly and without remorse.

ENTJs are natural thinkers and planners.  There is always a plan going on somewhere in the recesses of their minds.  Conceptualizing is natural and they have a drive to completion once they have made the decision to "go for it".  From there, any obstacle is not one to "go around" but to "go THROUGH"!  The concept is such a reality that ENTJs are not easily dissuaded.  But, if there is not the insight, maturity and intellectual capacity to thoroughly think through and independently assess, many of them have many concepts in an ENTJ graveyard marked "did not pan out".  And the one who deigns to offer some criticism - no matter how practical or well meant - will be the recipient of some boldly and withering retort.  Many of them, however, do have concepts that were and are imminently successful.

"Interpersonal" is neither a need nor a requirement for ENTJs.  "Bedside manner" is not in their repertoire.   "Impersonal" as a characterizing adjective can almost never be overstated in describing ENTJs.  They are among the most resolute, unyielding, implacable of all the types.  Hence, they make great marshals and generals, able to look at the big picture unflinchingly and totally willing to pay any price with lives in order to WIN.  And once a decision is made, if it didn't pan out, there is no looking back.  "That's life."

Descriptions of ENTJs sound harsh, but they are the premiere realists and, in fact, do not admire emotion as part of the equation of doing "what has to be done".  And, we must all admit, there are those times when something - such as going to battle - has to be done and we all want someone who can be intelligently, maturely and totally objective focused on the no-win situation.  They fully recognize that, in war, people HAVE to die; that is a fact not to be quarrelled with; that is not a choice; so that is already decided; so let's get on with the big plan and get it over with.  We all volunteered for this so...

Admiration and popularity are not sought anyway; respect would be more like it and is deserved by one who is willing to unflinchingly face the hardest issues of life - responsibility for the lives of others [it is a documented fact that soldiers find the ENTJ general most inspiring and will follow them to give the ultimate sacrifice if need be] - or life's other very unpleasant tasks.

Fannie R. Linder, PsyD.